When the time comes that you or a loved one requires assistance due to aging or medical complication, Holliswood Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation knows how important it is that you select the proper type of facility. We also know how overwhelming the choices can be if you’ve had no previous success with this type of long-term care. Below is just a brief description of the types of facilities that exist and a few words to help you differentiate between them.

Independent living communities exist for seniors who would like to live on their own among their peers without dedicated medical or personal assistance. Assisted living programs are similar to independent living communities in that the seniors live in their own quarters and maintain their own routines for the most part. However, in assisted living programs, nursing, shelter, and other living necessities are provided by an outside agency on a daily basis.

Continuing care communities are based on an idea of relative permanence. They offer services that cover various stages along a progression of care needs. If a senior moves into a continuing care community early in life, there may be no need to continue to relocate them to different facilities as they age and their condition and care needs change.

Finally, there are long-term nursing care and rehabilitation facilities. These facilities offer 24-hour a day care to patients who no longer have the ability to care for themselves in routine ways. Their food, housing, and medication needs are constantly met by skilled, educated, and trained staff members, and they are offered a schedule of various healthy and entertaining activities during the week.

Remember, there is no “best” option for everyone, but rather a “best” option for each individual. Even after a great deal of research, the decision can still be confusing. Nursing and rehabilitation professionals are very knowledgeable of both their fields and of their patients, though, and any good facility will have an advising staff member willing to help you make the best choice for your loved one.