It’s always a good idea to make sure our immune system is performing as best it can, but it’s even more important now with the threat of coronavirus present in our communities. In addition to common-sense strategies like eating right, exercising, and getting a proper amount of sleep, there are more subtle tells our body gives us if our immune system needs a boost.

Holliswood Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has details on some of those signs that the immune system might be struggling a bit, along with ways to correct them.


  • Canker Sores


Canker sores in the mouth can be caused by reactions to stress as well as vitamin deficiencies. Specifically, vitamins C and D, along with zinc, can help in this regard. Try adding items like citrus, salmon, and tuna to your diet.


  • An Unexplained Rash


If you can’t pinpoint the reason for a rash, it could be your immune system trying to tell you something. Consult your dermatologist, who may be able to see you via a virtual visit if you can show them the rash from your computer or smartphone.


  • You’re Getting Frequent Colds


Your immune system is fighting off bugs on a near constant basis, so if you’re catching colds frequently, your system is unable to ward off viruses that may not adversely affect others.


  • Slow-Healing Wounds


Your immune system gets to work when you have a wound, so if you find that wounds are not healing as fast as they usually do, it’s a sign that your immune system is taxed or sluggish.


  • Fatigue


If you’re generally tired throughout the day despite getting a normal amount of sleep, it can be a sign of low immunity, especially if you’re undergoing a large amount of stress.


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